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    Every dog needs to be trained and it can be very challenging as a dog owner to know where to start.  Sure you can go have your dog trained in the middle of a pet store while everyone around you stares at you or... you can attend classes taught in a personalized one on one setting.
    Clicker Training and praise training is the training technique our traininers utlize.  We conduct our classes indoors/outdoors and we integrate detailed class handouts and visual aids into our "classroom" because we realize that it is important that each dog owner understands how to train their dog for optimum results from each class.
    Let us know what you want your dog to learn, we will make sure to fit it into our classes!!!   Contact us today to set up your dog's training class.  4 private classes are only $150!!!!!!!  Flexible schedule. 

Our Trainer has developed several classes, each designed to achieve specific results. The Barks & Wags' approach is not one size fits all. Some of the training services offered are:

  • Obedience Training  - sit, stay, come, down, heal, leash manners, socialization training, leave it, settle, this class is great for dogs of any age and any level 

 We can schedule training sessions to fit your schedule!  Call, stop by, or e-mail to sign up.


New to Barks & Wags?
Fill Out our New Customer "New Dog Tail Packet"
New Customers need to provide vaccination history and complete our "New Dog Tail Packet".  We happily welcome new dogs and will help you obtain your dog's vaccination history from your family's veterinarian.

Reserve your spot!  Call, E-Mail, or Stop In Today!
Send us an e-mail with your Name, Phone Number, and Desired Date.  Make sure your pooch has a spot!   

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